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 pigeon robot for navigation guided by remote control: system ... - springer
Yang J, Ruituo H, Hui W, Wenyuan L, Zhigong W, Meie S, Xuecheng S. Global positioning system-based stimulation for robo-pigeons in open space. Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 2017, 11, 40. Article Google Scholar Yang J, Huai R, Wang H, Lv C, Su X. A robo-pigeon based on an innovative multi-mode telestimulation system.

 electric bird deterrent | avishock system bird scarers | pigeons ...
It uses a small electrostatic pulse to scare birds away from unwanted areas. Essentially, this product comprises of 6mm high PVC strips containing 2 x 5mm stainless steel braids which are 15mm apart. By means of the 240V charger a single low current electrostatic pulse every 1.3 seconds.

 pigeon robot for navigation guided by remote control: system ...
In this study, we constructed a Pigeon Robot System (PRS), optimized the electric stimulation parameters, assessed the electric stimulus of navigation, and evaluated the navigation efficiency...

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 analysis of electrostatic levitation control system and oscillation ...
An electrostatic levitation control system is introduced in this paper. To improve the control performance and enable thermophysical analysis of materials, we presented a new control system based on high-speed vision. The system included a two-step adaptive control strategy and superimposition of oscillation signals.

 eos/esd fundamentals part 3 | eos/esd association, inc.
Used in combination with ESD control flooring systems, ESD control footwear, casters and wheels provide the necessary electrical contact between the person or object and the flooring system. When working with exposed ESDS items, insulative footwear, casters, or wheels must be avoided as these items prevent static charges from flowing from the body or mobile equipment to ground through the ESD ...

 capacitive sensing and electrostatic control system design and analysis ...
The structural parameters of the entire system, working parameters, and electrostatic control system model were provided, and the performance of the PID controller was analyzed.

 pigeons control:
Pigeon Control: Sonic Pigeon Repellers, Pigeons Pigeons are best repelled using a combination of sight and sound pigeon repellers. Pigeon removal and control Pigeon Control, Animal Facts, learn about a Pigeon Habitat, General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior. Pigeon Control by Chemosterilization: Population Model from

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