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 how to get rid of pigeons: top-8 pigeon repellents and ...
Naphthalene (do not confuse it with POB – Poradichloro benzene) is allowed for use in non-residential buildings for repelling pigeons. Its sharp artificial odor will make the entire flock leave. Five pounds of the concentrate are required to cover 2000 cubic feet. After the birds fly away, shut any holes through which they could potentially ...

 pigeon repellents | deter pigeons with bird-x products ...
Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and have a corrosive effect on buildings and other structures. In extreme cases, they have even been known to eat through steel and cause structural collapse . Thankfully, here at Bird-X we have developed several types of humane pigeon control products that can help get rid of pigeons and keep them away.

 pigeon repelling – solutions for your balcony – lamda ...
Pigeon Repelling – Solutions for your Balcony. Balconies of empty apartments and rear balconies o f inhabited apartments are their first choice. ... EVALUATION : The bird wire is the most discreet system of pigeon control, preventing them from sitting in selected places such as handrails, eaves, signs.

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 how to get rid of pigeons - pigeon repellent
Mirror discs reflect the sunlight and blind pigeons, helping to keep them away from the area. The product is effective for small areas and you can use it to protect your house or pool from pigeon droppings. The average cost for 16 discs is 9 dollars. The discs can have various shapes, however most of them are round.

 how to get rid of pigeons (without hurting them) | bugwiz
But rather, for repelling pests like pigeons, coyotes, possums, and moles. You can easily hook them up to your hose outlet and position them strategically around your yard. Buy the ones with a wide range and a “cone” pattern, rather than “jet” so it covers more area.

 electrostatic pigeons control system
Il Sistema Elettrostatico brevettato “Ettore Galliani” si basa sulla distribuzione di impulsi elettrostatici mediante l’installazione di molteplici settori di impianto attivo a protezione di tutti gli elementi architettonici e strutturali sui quali stazionano abitualmente i piccioni. Un particolare Sistema altamente tecnologico, specializzato e in continuo miglioramento, ha reso ...


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