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 pigeon control: how to get rid of pigeons - bird-x
Electronic Pigeon Control. Pigeons are often attracted to large, open outdoor areas like parks and plazas because of discarded food and trash. In additional to other bird control efforts, it’s important to keep such areas as clean as possible so pigeons won’t keep seeing them as a food source.

 pigeon control pest guide: how to get rid of pigeons
For proper pigeon control, fill in access to voids, slope resting areas, and prevent landing by using devices. Scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes rarely work except for a very short period. Keep all food and standing water out of reach of pigeons. In commercial settings, do not pigeon feeding.

 pigeon control: how to get rid of pigeons | bird barrier
The most effective approaches to pigeon control and prevention include: Exclusion Netting; Electric Shock; Spikes, Optical Gel, Coil; Pigeon Reproductive Control; Audio, Visual, and Taste Deterrents

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 pest advice for controlling pigeons - british pest control ...
Control of Pigeons through population reduction techniques is generally both less desirable and less effective than removing their food sources or blocking off sites where they perch or roost. The latter technique, known as proofing, is now used extensively.

 3 ways to get rid of pigeons - wikihow
You can also put out a decoy bird, like a fake hawk or owl, to scare off pigeons. To discourage pigeons from roosting on your property, use a bird repellent gel or some anti-roosting spikes. Just put the gel or spikes on any roofs, rafters, ledges, and balconies you’ve seen pigeons roosting on. That way, the pigeons won’t want to land on them.

 pigeon control products - pigeon deterrent | bird b gone
Install pigeon control products such as pigeon spikes or bird netting to block pigeons form getting back to the area they have chosen to roost, perch or nest. If you make affected areas inaccessible, the pigeons will be forced to move on to a new location.

 phoenix pigeon control & cleanup | pigeons r us
Pigeons Control Products Here is a list of bird control products that we use for deterrence, Bird Wire Post and Base, Bird Spikes, Shock Devices, Bird Netting, Sonic Devices, Reflectors are the most common devices available. We can help no matter what the problems is so call us at 602-635-3307

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